Peter Simard was born in Derry, New Hampshire in 1964. During his high school years, he began making images on his first camera, the Pentax K1000. By the summer of 1984, he started working for the Derry News, and within a short while went on to shoot for UPI and the AP wire services. This launched the fast-paced world of professional photography.

  In 1992, Peter moved to Boston and continued freelancing for the AP service while attending The Art Institute of Boston. During that time, Peter studied with photographers trained by Minor White - the grandfather of fine art photography in the United States. One of those teachers was Christopher James. Peter began his documentary studies with Magnum photographers Eugene Richards and Alex Webb and took some short courses with Steve McCurry of National Geographic. Peter would spend 21 years in the field of photojournalism and documentary studies. He went on to being an award-winning photographer, taking awards with NEPPA, PPANE, PPA and NPPA.


After years of seeing the hopeful and harsh sides of the human condition, Peter chose to turn his lens on the more peaceful subject matter of nature, landscape and urban decay.

His photography today is very peaceful and otherworldly, often showing vibrant colors and reflections.